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Gallery 1 (May '03 to Jun'03)

These are pictures of the unfortunate horses we had in May and June of 2003.  We had food supply problems and disease and we lost 8 seahorse in that time.

Gallery 2 (Oct '03 to Jan '04)

Our next seahorses.  These are Tigertail (H. comes) fry we adopted on the day of their birth, 10/18/03.  These pictures cover their first 3 months.

Gallery 3 (Jan '04 to Mar '04)

These are general pictures of all of our seahorses


Gallery 4 (Apr '04 )

More seahorse photos. Babies are now 6 months old and photo's of dwarves.

Gallery 5 (Aug -Oct '04)

Seahorses.  "Babies" now one year old.

Gallery 6 (December 2004)

Tigertail fry born 12/5/04

Misc Pictures

Non-Seahorse photos.  These include tank shots, reef shots, pictures of my culturing set-ups, etc.


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