Photo Gallery Four

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Photo Gallery Four


Six months old


Two together, in the flow from the mini jet.


Three of the five are now dark colored


Checking out a dwarf zebra hermit.


Happy Birthday. 6 Months Old.


Didn't I tell you they love to play in the outflow of the powerhead!


New today! Got this pretty boy at Aquarium Paradise. Not sure what he is.. maybe Kuda/Tiger Tail cross.

Dwarf Fry

Some one day, some one week, on their favorite hitching plant

New Barb Girl

and a Tigertail


With lots of cirri

Three dwarfs

the one on the far right is the first Daddy.

Dwarf fry

The first night

Family Portrait

Some of the family - at home.

Dwarf Tank

New Erectus Girl

Ain't she purty?

Second Daddy

One week before the birth


This is the second Daddy with the two stuck tails.


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