Photo Gallery Three

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Photo Gallery Three

The Big Girl

This is our big Kuda girl on 12/5/03 the date we rescued her from the LFS. Starving, stressed... poor thing. Actually she looked worse a couple hours before this.


The babies and the Big Girl

Kuda Girl

This is 11 days after we got her.. looking alot better!

Big Girl

5 weeks after her rescue - looking good!

Grow out tank

This is the 3 gallon Jebo "silver tank" we are using for grow out. - photo taken 1/22/04

Tigertail fry

on 2/11/04

Male Tigertail

unfortunately we lost this one.

Four Months Old!

Happy Birthday little darlin's

Just hangin'

At home on 3/10/04

A Twin

3-16-04 The twins are hard to photograph, got this one while they were temporarily in the 10 gallon tank

In the 10 gal on 3/19/04

after a leak in the main tank and a lethal ammonia spike in the grow out.

Big Girl and little tyke

Back home in the 37 gallon - Wally repaired the seal that was leaking and I repainted the back.

Little guys

are really enjoying the big tank 3/24/04

Twin and babies

This is one of the twin Kuda's with two of the babies 3/24/04

Size comparison

Of the Big Kuda Girl and one of the twins. 3/19/04

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