Photo Gallery Two

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Photo Gallery Two

Born this morning

Tigertail (H. comes) fry. Note the two white dots show one rock of aquarium gravel.

Day one Tigertail

Another size comparison... the amphipod is bigger then the fry.

Another fry

Day 2

With a ruler

This is on day 4.

Day 4

How cute is this?


12 days old now.

22 days

What a change.. really growing!

One month old!

I'm amazed all over again.. every time I look at them.

45 days

I love them!

47 days

Two of them usually show this darker color... but we're not absolutely sure it's the same two.

2 months 3 days

The octopus is 7/8 inch across. I got the octopus at a Seahorse Exhibit in Tacoma, WA

Almost 3 months

That's a standard thermometer.

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