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Live Foods and Cultures

Seahorse Source -  Dan (DanU on the boards) and his wife are the best and everything they sell is top quality provided in a professional and friendly way.  You can't go wrong here.
SeaWater Express - George the Shrimp Guy.  Excellent in every way.  Snicking shrimp (young sushi shrimp) in your choice of size (seahorses absolutely love these shrimp) plus copepods, mysis shrimp and more.  Wonderful customer service.
Sach's Aquaculture - cultures of live foods and culture supplies.  Very good customer service.  Good prices. Often free shipping
L.F.S Cultures - excellent prices for rotifer and copepod cultures.
N.E.B.S. Live Brine Shrimp - best source for various sized live brine shrimp, also excellent source of saltwater ghost shrimp (ask for smaller size).  Very good prices particularly on bulk orders.
Florida Aqua Farms - Professional quality cultures, enrichments and fertilizers. 
Reed Mariculture - prices can be high but a very good source of aquaculture supplies
Ocean Rider -  this is the only supplier of Hawaiian red shrimp


Seahorse Sellers & Breeders

Seahorse Source -   breeds and sells a variety of species.  You can't go wrong with Dan.
Propagation Inc. - breeder/supplier
Marine Depot Live - suppliers of CB seahorses
Draco Marine  - breeder/supplier of CB seahorses
Creative Seahorse - UK breeder/supplier of CB seahorses.
Seanic Aquarium - Canadian supplier of CB seahorses, live and frozen foods and related items
South Australian Seahorse Marine Services - Australian seahorse breeders (David and Tracy Warland).  No direct retail sales.  In the USA contact Marine Depot Live.

Aqualand - not breeders.  Suppliers of WC Dwarves

Seahorse Farms - not breeders. Suppliers of WC Dwarves
Florida Collector - licensed collector/supplier of Dwarf and Erectus seahorses and tankmates (WC)  May be slow to respond but excellent reputation.
Ocean Rider - suppliers of CB Seahorses.  There are concerns about customer service however this may be improving.
Please send information in an email to submit for inclusion in this list.


Info Sites and Discussion Forums - total seahorse site:  discussion forums, libraries, galleries, articles, links.  Also has many UK and Canadian members to help locate resources in those areas. - full range of information on seahorses, discussion forums, libraries, galleries, articles, links.  Also has many Australian members to help locate resources in that part of the world.
Reef Central (Seahorse & Pipefish Forum) - Discussion Forum
Reef Central (Home) - excellent information on all saltwater subjects from water chemistry to equipment.
Wet Web Media - probably the most comprehensive site for aquarium information.  Wonderful site.
Fish Base - information on every fish.  It has been reported that some seahorse photos are misidentified, but still a good information source.




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