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Thank you for joining us in the World of Seahorses.

Whether you are a seahorse keeper, thinking about becoming one, or just curious about seahorses in general, there is something here for everyone.

Our information is presented in levels so the deeper into our world you travel the more specific you will find it.  Each set of information contains links to the details.

You will also find links to other sites when their knowledge exceeds ours or it simply doesn't seem productive to duplicate something they have already done so well.

H. comes fry


Born 10/19/03


 Shy and Beautiful

 Friendly and Curious

Graceful and Gentle


Long ago, seahorses were considered mystical,  magical creatures.  Some people didn't believe they were real.

They are real.   But they are also magical.

When your seahorse comes to greet you  -

or wraps itself around your finger  -

or dances and twirls to get your attention  -

When you sit with your nosed pressed to the glass, totally enchanted  -

that's the magic of seahorses.

Come share the magic.... and the realities of Seahorses.


One day my husband, Wally, brought home an aquarium "for salt water".  He sold me on the idea with one sentence.

 "We can have seahorses!"

My research quickly showed that his "reef" was not going to be a good home for seahorses.  So we soon had...  another aquarium... and jars and jugs and even vases filled with bugs and greenwater... and tubs of shrimp... and later on, two nurseries... and a grow-up tank.

We had a rough start ... but we have now raised fry full circle and have a second generation.  We're grandparents! (human and seahorse!)

The success we've had is because of the wonderful people at the websites where we learned and continue to learn what we need to know.  Be sure to check out our links. 

I hope you enjoy  the World of Seahorses.

Vicky Rowe


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